Rifle Stock (Butt)

The rifle butt (rifle stock), also the butt stock is the rear part of the rifle shotgun.

The rifle butt is placed on the shoulder during the aiming process, on the one hand to stabilize or fix the weapon and on the other hand to absorb the recoil with the shoulder when firing the shot. When aiming, the cheek is placed on the piston. Especially with hunting rifles or precision rifle weapons, there is a cheek rest on the side of the rifle butt, the “cheek”, and a “back” for shooters with a long neck. With some rifles, the butt can be folded sideways for easier transport (folding butt / folding stock). To save weight, the middle part of the rifle is often left out in the rifle. In this case one speaks of a skeletal piston. One speaks of a shoulder rest if instead of a piston, only a tube – often extendable or foldable – with an end piece is used.

Special Gunstock of Circassian Walnut Wood
Burly Gunstock Blank of Circassian Walnut Wood


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